Preorder the Canon EOS R5 C


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Jul 21, 2010
That has 100% been debunked. If you plug an R5 into a capture card or NINJA it still overheats even with the media card not in use. Even more you can take the CFexpress OUT and it still overheats with a capture card. If you have it set to turn the monitor and evf off however it doesn't overheat.
Thanks for the correction!


Mar 6, 2017
I do 60% still shooting and 40% video. Hoping to increase video use to probably 50/50 at some point to work real estate video, maybe even some Vlogging for fun. I ordered this camera but now considering R5 instead. Is lack of IBIS a big deal? This will be my first proper camera. Thanks so much!
If your shooting real estate your going to be on a tripod so no need for ibis.


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Dec 31, 2021
What about for push in shots or dolly type shots? Am I going to need a Gimbal? Or will the Lens IS and Digital IS work?

Sean C

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Apr 21, 2015
Makes sense if the sensor is the main heat source. I have read (though I don’t know if it’s true) that the main heat issues arise from the media card(s).
The processor too on the R5 for the heat soak problem. Sensor heating itself can cause quality issues (noise) before there is an overheat problem. They might have done this even if overheating were no problem. It makes sense to optimize for video in a cinema model, and presumably cost/size/form factor in this case.

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Sep 22, 2019
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How was $4500 a shock to you? EVERY Youtuber, EVERYONE here all thought it woulf be around 4500/4600.
Considering I work with Youtubers, I do not listen to their takes on things like corporate pricing. If this was going to be as "aggressively priced" as was promoted by canon, you would think that it would at least be the same price as the FX3, or in the ballpark of that. Yes, the FX3 doesn't shoot 8k, but, that's basically unusable footage anyhow (No one even broadcasts 8k). To be clear, I am no Sony fan boy, I have all my monies in Canon glass and bodies. But, there certainly seems to be some serious gap these days on the offerings from Canon comparatively to what Sony is offering.

After taxes, 5k$ is really pushing the usability mark for me, along with the things that I mentioned in my post. Weather exposure, which is kinda funny when Kolari figured out how to make the R5 no longer over heat without putting a silly fan in the body... I do have the R6 and I am quite happy with the photos that it takes, but, that filming limited by overheating in 2022 is crazy to have happen, also having no "All-i" just to be funny is really a joke...


Jan 12, 2011
I think some people will be very happy with the price. I see $13k for a slr based video centric camera must not have flown too well a few years back.

Edit: Hmmmm... no IBIS. That's strange, too me. I guess the video people use a gimble most of the time. Still, weird that IBIS was left out.

Does anyone else find that to be strange?
I think it was probably an engineering necessity of some kind.