Printer Talk: Crafting Printers any good?


EOS M6 Mark II
I've recently started printing and selling my photos as greeting cards on inkjet cardstock. I've been using a Pixma Pro 100 with canon ink, and the cards look great. Only problem is that I'm dead set on having them borderless, and so printing on 7x10 stock I have to trim each card. I'm considering one of the crafting printers that can print 7x10 borderless. Something like the TS9521C.
I know it depends on the photo being printed (often rich colors, and I rarely print black and white), but I wondered if anyone had experience with one of these printers (this model or similar)? Would I notice a difference between a Pixma Pro 100 and these that have fewer ink cartridges?
Second question, does borderless printing actually work reliably? I'm particularly asking about smudging/transfer to rollers since having to clean out the inside of the printer ever 5 cards would be way worse than the trimming that I'm already doing.
Third question- any thoughts on the durability of the inks compared to the PP 100.

Separate question– if I stick with the Pixma Pro 100, anyone have a 3rd party ink they really like?
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