PRO-4000 printer is putting out bizarre color aberrations

Kit Lens Jockey

CR Pro
Nov 12, 2016
I've always been afraid of getting a printer for this reason. Sadly I'll just keep using labs :( Hope you find the issue!
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I really didn't want this post to be something to dissuade anyone from doing their own printing if they can swing the initial cost. Because, yes I am having some issues right now, but I owned a PRO-1000 before this since around 2017 and it was great, and I have had this since I think 2019 and it has mostly been very good.

Not only that, but seriously the ink and paper costs doing it yourself are somewhere around 10-20% of the cost a good photo lab would charge. So even if you encounter issues, honestly you can screw up multiple prints and still be ahead of the cost of doing it at a lab. I also was just never super happy with the results I was getting from a lab. Sometimes it was almost good, but I really like having the control over everything myself, and being able to make my own call about when I want to do a re-print, compared to getting something from a lab and accepting it even if it's not quite what I want because I don't want to ask for a re-print for something that is so close to being good, but not quite.
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