Problems with built in microphon on R5 - which external mic?


Aug 19, 2012
Tyrol, Austria
Hi Guys!
I need your help, please!
My Eos R5 has some strange audio-issues with the built-in microphone. Recording of speech or sound in front of the cam is very silent. Sound or speech that appears on the left side of the body is recorded in normal volume.
The local Canon service center adviced me to buy an external mic for the flash-shoe, as it would be an very expensive repair.

Most times I record videos with this body, they are far away, so an microphone for distant sounds in front of me, would be ordered first.
Secondly one with an cardiodid caracteristic for recording my family.

Which one would you buy?
I was toold to order an MKE600 from Sennheiser. Good choice?

Thanky you!


Nov 4, 2011
That's a great microphone, but you'll probably need phantom power for it.

I use a Rode NTG shotgun that's battery powered(battery lasts forever) for the R5 for quick run and gun. I didn't care about quality when I bought mine, I use it to help sync with an additional microphone (usually a lav that's paired to a different camera, or a field recorder). But I recently used it in a multicam broadcast for an event, the sound engineer complimented it on how well it sounded.