R5 battery life?


CR Pro
Dec 20, 2012
As long as we are back on batteries, I'm sure that I get the worst drain when I have Screen/Viewfinder Display set to Auto2. That's because if the EVF is against my shirt or a strap while walking around, the EVF just stays on. And on and on and on.

So when walking around I set Screen/Viewfinder Display to Screen, and I use the Movie Shooting button on top of the body to switch back and forth. (If I ever start shooting video a lot, I'll figure something else out.)

This can double my battery life, and I can walk around and shoot for hours on one battery. Of course I had to get used to mashing the Movie Shooting button as I bring the camera to my eye, but it's second nature now.

In my studio, I just go back to Auto2, and I also turn off ECO mode so the body isn't timing out too often.

This is an old thread, so if what I've just written has already been gone over, well, here it is fresh, and from personal experience.