R5 Power Off problem (with Sigma DG HSM 500/4)


I do have testet:
- RF 24-105/4 no problem
- Sig 105/1,4: no problem
- Sig 500/4 switched power off, see discribed problem
- Sig 500/4 power off and opened batterycover:
no clicking sound, but accu down to 5,9V after 20h
- Sig 500/4 power off from energy saver (not switched):
It sounds for around 3 seconds like a humming machine, after that the clicking sound.
(This is new!)

// The Sig are adapted through ef-rf-adaptor with aperture ring.//

Comparing Sig 500/4 on Fuji-X-T3 (adapted with fringer):
- switched power-off and power off from energy saver: no problem
If I switch on/off, I hear a sound from the objectiv like driving from/to a defined position. This I do miss if it connected to the R5.

About the clicking sound

I think the clicking comes from the internal lens-group (focus/stabilization):
- 1th a quietly double-clicking - from internal lens group, according from activating focusing and stabilization
- 2nd a quietly sound for one second, like focusing and stabilization is furthermore activ
- 3rd a little bit noisier click. It sounds like no power to the objectiv and the lensgroup is falling
- 4th gap less than 0.5 seconds start with 1th

At the moment I do not dare to connect the Sig500 to the R5. I'm afraid that the lens will be damaged, especially now that the hum occurs.

Thank You for helping
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