R5C FW rumor updates in 2023???

Hi - I have owned my R5C for almost a year now. Primary bought it because it fixed the overheating issues of 4k120 in the R5. I post this not to be controversial (Cinema vs photo); I actually appreciate some of the cinema features;

But... the R5Cs autofocus is *severely* limited in SF mode. Even the 8K60 does a better job of tracking where in SF mode you loose all those features. But I *need* people/object tracking in 4K120 (SF Mode w/ wav). Additionally autofocus in SF mode needs to officially support more than the two Cps and would be nice if we had the updated WideDR 709 profile the C70 got.

Who has an ear on the R5C FW development timeline? Are we expecting an update soon to fix these issues? It certainly is not a "Do everything camera" with out this fix. the C70 had this fixed last year (they can even go up to 160fps) not sure why this could not be an easy fix for canon (like the audio issue). BTW: Hoping for support for the EL-5 too for the photo side :)
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Jan 15, 2023
Bay Area, CA
I have a similar post on the FW thread. I too have owned the R5 C almost a year and purchased it for some of the same reasons as you. No overheating. While I am primarily a stills shooter, I wanted to start exploring video.

Our body is certainly due for a FW update. Its been over 4 months since was released in Oct. Most newer cameras are seeing releases every 3-4 months. I understand there is not an established cadence, but like you I'd like to see some movement here. My list is a little broader and different than yours, but your wish is welcome just the same. Not sure we need firmware for EL-5 support as the camera already has the MF shoe, but we saw the R6 mkII get support for it with new firmware, so maybe ours will need it too.

I'm right with you and hopeful for a firmware update sooner rather than later.
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