RF 16mm f/2.8 STM


Feb 5, 2020
Don’t see a thread yet for folks to share images from the above referenced lens. Just picked this up. Thought I’d create a home. Feel free to share your favorites captured with this little ultra wide.

My first two, just testing it out.

I can tell I need to be mindful of my shutter speed with no image stabilization in the lens or in my RP. I think the corrections work great In DPP4.

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EOS 5D Mark IV
CR Pro
Feb 25, 2015
The Netherlands
OK, anyone debating whether going 14-35/4 vs. 16/2.8? I have the 24-105/4 on me most of the time except when I'm really trying to travel light (biking, or out in the city but doing a huge amount of shopping and probably filling backpack to bursting).

So I'm thinking I can crop the 16 up to 24mm if I really can't just zoom with my feet, and still have 20MP of my R5's 45MP. Of course one can't go wider than 16mm this way, but you can simply panorama if you have to with most wider-than-16mm subjects.

The Canon graphs show the 14-35 being substantially sharper than the 16, but I believe these graphs are wide-open, and if so the 16 would likely close that gap up to nothing when stopped down to f/4. (and if you're cropping out only the central 2/3 of height and width, you're getting the higher-resolution portion of the image anyway.)
I have the RF16 and used it as the primary lens on this vacation and liked it very much. But I would appreciate if it could zoom.
So I’m looking at the 14-35L and the upcoming 15-30 non-L. The 3x price difference makes the L quite unattractive, but I have 3 months to think about it till the next vacation :)
Even in Lightroom the RF16 looks quite good, when I get back home I’d like to try DXO viewpoint, as mentioned by @neuroanatomist in another thread, to correct distorted faces on the edges.
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