RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM Build Quality?


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Jul 16, 2020
Just wanting to get peoples opinion of this lens from those that own it (extended ownership a bonus).

Coming from EF-S, my initial impression when I got this lens was that it's very sturdy and thought it was very good. Fast forward 8 months later of light usage and it doesn't feel as solid as I first remembered. However getting a few other RF glass since, and being so long not touching anything but L glass, might have raised my expectations a bit.

There is a small about of play that can be found at the front barrel of the lens (can feel it more when extended). It's not a lot, but it is noticeable. Total play at full extension is 0.022" (which Cannon support said was in spec).

Also notice a bit of movement in the lens group inside (IS Assembly?). When held vertical (front lens upwards), then tilting the lens horizontal (45-90 degrees in either direction) back and forth lightly (not shaking it), you can feel a slight clunk/clank of the lens group (again kind of noticeable). I don't remember this being as pronounced either at first.

Focusing & IS appears to be working fine.

Par for the course or is something amiss?
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Feb 14, 2012
Sydney Australia
My ef version is over 10 years old and even though there is some play in it, and the lens extends while carrying it, it still performs perfectly. This lens has taken literally hundreds of thousands of shots.
My RF version feels much tighter than my old one and is optically superior to my original.
Being a bit shorter is also nice.


Aug 26, 2015
I had three copies of the RF 24-105 I tested them on a tripod and one copy had better corner resolution with less play at the barrel then others.
What was most interesting is that one lens (not the best one) was ever so slightly wider than the rest (at all focal markings).

I think my best copy was very good an all fronts, it's an L lens but also a kit lens produced in big numbers, so I don't expect quality control at the level of the RF 28-70.