Save up to $200 on Canon RF mount lenses this month


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Sep 3, 2019
*Whew* Not enough to make me regret supporting my local retailer on that 15-35!

And nothing for the 24-105 that's been on backorder longer than many peoples' R5s.

[EDIT: So I called Canon today, found out my order which has been "processing" for a couple of weeks, was still processing, got in touch with a live human, began by assuring her I wasn't calling to gripe about the R5 or R6 (she laughed), and asked her just what exactly "processing" meant. She actually pinged a supervisor and it turned out due to some software glitch it needed intervention to become unstuck and actually ship, so it ships tomorrow. I then demanded to know where my R7 was, then quickly said "just kidding" and she laughed (maybe only out of politeness).
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Apr 1, 2020
Same instant rebate that's been going on since early August. Ok, well maybe it's a different promotion, but the prices are the same as they've been for a short while now.
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