Senior Portrait Session. Criticism Welcomed :D

First, I'll start by saying that I like the set. Good variety of angles, poses, and good use of light. I like your processing, and in general, these look way better than what I got when I was a senior in HS.

Looks like all available light, and if you were into adding your own light, I think a touch of fill flash on some wouldn't have hurt (7 and 9 were the ones that made me think that, for some reason 6 did not even though it's very similar to 7). But, that's the kind of thing that the client wouldn't notice at all, because they're already really good. Just something to think about when you want to push yourself as a photographer a bit.

As far as poses, I'm not super keen on 14 and 15. Love #12. The ones with the chair are really good as well.

All in all, nice set, thanks for sharing!


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Jan 25, 2013
Nice. #10 is my pick: nice colours, cheeky look above her glasses, and that smooth blur that frames her head. I agree with the comment that a touch of fill flash may have helped some images.


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All nice photos indeed and a great variety of poses. As the others have said, a small amount of fill flash with a gel might bring out some of the shadows.

My personal favorites are 6, 7, 8, 11 & 12. Not a big fan of 14 and 15 as these make your lovely model appear bigger than I think she would want to be. Getting her to create an 'S' pose with her body will help create a dynamic pose IMO.

Lastly, I would crop the images according to the 'rule of thirds'. Nice processing. Keep 'em coming. :D


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Aug 26, 2010
be very very careful... Some of the outfits and or posing made her look bigger than she should be... especially where she is spreading her skirt/dress and some plan shots where the shirts are loose and not flattering.... Teenage girls are VERY self conscious and can misconstrue that as being fat... I would take a second look at the images... Look at your posing and wardrobe and such... They are fun shots, but from a purely bueaty and glamour viewpoint, they are ok. Also... i'm a stickler when it comes to offering the same image in black and white and color. Make a decision, choose one, and stick with it. It comes off as more an artist/professional. When your giving both, your saying you dont know whats best so your giving them a choice. Bad thing to project.
Jul 8, 2013
Thanks for sharing; I have a senior session this weekend and there are some nice poses here of which I will take note.


Jul 15, 2013
Great shots overall!

On #2, do you think having her lean back would look better. She look a tad hunched over


Dec 25, 2012
I like #7 and #11. On #7 I would move her to the left to get her out of the center. I also might try a tight crop on some to bring attention to the subject.
#12 is fun but you are way too far away from her.

The backgrounds are OK but if you want to blur them why not crop a bunch of it out also? Parents only want to see the face. Yes you can include more but remember that the images that sell will be where her face takes up the most space.

Awinphoto is correct in paying attention to the clothing. Think of poses that minimize size and maximize grace irrespective of the weight of the subject.


Feb 23, 2012
nice pics good pp.

the only thing that is kinda not cool is that her full name is in the file name. i wouldn't be posting that if i were you, she is most likely a minor and you should be extra careful about revealing her identity.
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