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CR Pro
Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
I am printing out some panoramas for a friend in Oklahoma. They will be on glossy photo paper 13” wide roll. Length is limited to 44” each. Of course I will let the prints cure out in for at least a few days. What I would like to do is roll them up and put them into mailing tubes and put the tubes in a box along with a flat print I’m sending him. I have a box I got paper in that would work well for that, and I have bubble wrap to cushion the whole thing.

How much chance is there that I can roll the prints into a 3” tube without damaging them? Should I put a layer of paper on the length of the print before rolling (reducing risk of sticking to itself, but making the roll tighter)?

Anything else I need to consider? Has anybody tried something similar?


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CR Pro
Jan 29, 2011
I use 3” internal diameter tubes for sending my panoramics, although generally these are 38” long, not 44. As long as prints are thoroughly dry I’ve had no issue. I used to roll them up with tissue paper but found it’s not necessary.
I also use 3” mailing tubes and have had no issues with 44” prints. I do roll them with a thinner cover piece of ‘newsprint’ artists paper. I do this because I have had instances of the prints getting marked but it was almost certainly mine or the receivers carelessness.
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