Short Review of: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 - The Missing FAQ by Victoria Brampton!

Mar 25, 2011
The last books for Lightroom I purchased were for Lightroom 2! They were books by Martin Evening, and Victoria Brampton.

So many changes have happened in the years since I purchased them that I decided to go for the PDF / epub / Kindle version at the 30% discounted Black Friday deal on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 - The Missing FAQ by Victoria Brampton.

The book is formatted as more of a reference manual for someone who already knows their way around Lightroom, it gets straight to the subject of how the controls and features work rather than a step by step set of instructions for a new user. There are very good books for that, but I did not need that, I just wanted to catch up on features that I might not know about, and I'm only a few pages into the book, and have discovered several new things, a few of which will be useful to me.

For example:

1. There is a reminder of which Camera settings are recognized by Lightroom, and which are best turned off for RAW shooting. I've pretty much learned all of these, but the review turned up a couple that I did not remember.

2. Something I did not know about sRAW images. They are Half Baked! Its a good thing to understand.

"sRAW files are demosaiced by the camera. They’re ‘half-baked’."

3. "Why do the folders keep jumping around and what is Docking? When you navigate around the Source and Destination panels in the Import dialog, they initially appear to have a mind of their own, with different behavior depending on whether you single-click or double-click, but it’s actually a really useful feature."

4. "Can I use the operating system dialog to navigate to a folder instead of using Lightroom’s Source panel?" The answer is YES, and it can be useful to go directly to a folder that is buried deeply in the hierarchy. I have frequently accessed folders pinned to the quick access area of Windows 10, so this will let me go to them quickly.

I'm only beginning to wade my way thru the book, and will find many more useful (to me) things, I'm sure. It was certainly time for me to get a new version. I may also update my Photoshop books as well.
Thanks Mr Spokane. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading.

@Jethro, yes, the Lightroom Classic and Lightroom (cloudy) versions are much more recent. They last went to press in 2018, but I've continued updating the eBooks with every single dot release, and you get a further year's updates when you purchase, so you stay up to date.
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