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EOS R3, R5
CR Pro
Apr 1, 2020
It's not that hard, but you have to be confident to take your camera with you.
Yep, and a wide stable kayak helps too...;)



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Jul 29, 2012
Yep, and a wide stable kayak helps too...;)

Of course!

Mine is a very narrow composite sea kayak, but i'm confident, I have been kayaking for more than 25 years without accidental capsizing.

When I'm going out at sea for whale watching and the surf is rough, I simply do not take my photography gear with me. It's better to loose a great shot than damaging your gear, especially with salty water.
Jul 12, 2013
...June 24 backyard photos--Song Sparrow (1); House Finch (1); Northern Cardinal (2); House Wren (2); Turkey Vulture (2); House Wren (2)...

We have a nest of House Wrens in our back yard that is worth watching. Yesterday, while watching for these frisky, rather tiny birds...other birds showed up--including (a first to my knowledge) a Turkey Vulture. So the last two House Wren photos aim to supply some perspective on the relative sizes of the Turkey Vulture and the House Wrens...

5D Mark III; !00-400 II + 1.4xTC; ISO 800

5D3_1999 cr song sparrow - Copy.jpg
5D3_2144 cr house wren - Copy.jpg
5D3_2172 cr cardinal 1 - Copy.jpg
5D3_2203 cr cardinal 2 - Copy.jpg
5D3_2266 cr house wren 1 cr - Copy.jpg
5D3_2072 cr house wren 3 - Copy.jpg
5D3_2393 cr turkey vulture 1 - Copy.jpg
5D3_2314 cr turkey vulture 2 - Copy.jpg
5D3_2232 cr house wren 4 crop - Copy.jpg
5D3_2211 cr house wren 2 - Copy.jpg


Nov 14, 2019
I like photographing small birds with insects in their beaks on the way to their nests. Here's a wren, the other side of a pond where I was looking for dragonflies. R5 + 100-500.

View attachment 198593 View attachment 198594

I like the Wren. They are not that common in Sweden that I can see/read, but occasionally in the southern part of my country. Will have my eyes open this summer. Would be nice to see- or hear one at least.
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Feb 12, 2021
What a beautiful image & smooth background for a 1st image from your new lens - Nicely done, macrunning!
Thanks usern4cr! Well it's the first posted image with the new lens. I've certainly been practicing and failed on a lot of them. I've had the lens for a couple days now and it hasn't left my camera. Lot's to practice with this focal range for sure. Now debating on 1.4 or 2x extender to go with it at some point. I'm open to anyone's thoughts on adding/using extenders.