SIGMA announces release date for PL mount CINE lenses

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CR Pro
Jul 20, 2010
SIGMA announces the shipment schedule for SIGMA CINE LENS /i Technology-compatible PL mount lens in the FF High-Speed Prime Line.

Shipment schedule: February 2020

Optimized for large-format camera systems and 8K shooting, the FF High-Speed Prime Line lenses deliver stunning image quality in compact construction. A new addition to this prime lens lineup comes with electronic contacts that support Cooke’s /i Technology communication protocol for Art Prime PL mount lenses. By using an /i Technology-compatible cine lens with a cine camera that supports the same protocol, users can see and record lens metadata such as focus distance, focal length, and aperture. This helps streamline compositing in the post-production process. This is particularly suitable for the latest forms of filmmaking, such as VFX, that call for detailed shooting data. Prototypes of this /i Technology-compatible FF High-Speed Prime lens were used for shooting “Top Gun: Maverick”, scheduled to be released in 2020...

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