SmallRig has launched the rotatable mounting plate kit for the EOS R5/EOS R6 series of cameras

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Jul 20, 2010
SmallRig has launched another one of their unique mounting solutions, this time in the form of a Rotatable Horizontal-to-Vertical Mount Plate Kit. This kit allows you to quickly change your camera’s vertical and horizontal orientation while keeping the lens on the same axis. This looks to be a lot more convenient that using an L

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Oct 27, 2020
I had something similar; ATOLL (Model C).
Almost no room for your fingertips between the camera grip and the ring on the bracket. (With gloves on, it is totally impossible to hold the camera properly with this bracket on.)

If you only shoot from a tripod, this bracket might be ok.
But for me it didn't work at all to use the camera hand-held with this attached.
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Oct 23, 2019
Greensboro, NC
These are great on the Sony cameras. Glad to see they are expanding to the Canon lineup. We purchased a couple hundred when they launched and the only issue we have had (using them in a volume setting) is there are not a lot of threads on the rotating piece. We've had a couple photogs rip that part off adjusting their camera.

Rotation is smooth and buttons are easily accessible.
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Nov 3, 2012
Good idea in principle. The problem is the extended foot that allows the camera to rotate without hitting the tripod clamp. I bought a SmallRig QR L-bracket. Low profile, yet adds a little height so my little finger helps grip the camera. The side plate removes easily and quickly with the inbuilt key. There is a gotcha: the screw that adjusts the side plate clamp is not captive, and so fell out the first time I removed the side plate. I have a couple of spare screws now!


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Things to consider when purchasing the Smallrig or Atoll or the Nisi rotating device.

Any lens you have must fit inside the diameter of the rotating ring. Smallrig’s diameter is 74.6mm. Will your 70-200mm lens or any other fit thru the ring? Atoll’s is about the same, Nisi’s is 84mm.

Need to rotate more than 90 degrees? Ssy on a steep slope or 180 degrees to mount the camera right-side UNDER the center shaft of a tripod for low to the ground shots? Smallrig cannot do it.

Lastly, i bought the Nisi for the wider ring diameter. My 70-200 fit but camera and device wobbled at the base when secured to the tripod. I returned it.
Just things to consider.
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A couple of additional item and then I will shut up.
I wrote the Nisi device was wobbly. Though not like a bobble head. It just flexed a bit. That’s with my 70-200mm f/4 RF lens on it. I did not want to take the chance that my photos would be fuzzy. Not that it would fall over. BTW. I shoot using an R5 and the 70-200mm a lot.
I assume the center of weight distribution was far forward and was the issue. Smaller lighter lenses should not have that problem.
Getting at the lens lock button was not that big an issue, though getting at the other buttons on the lens was much more difficult.
I think the rotating collar is a good step forward over L brackets, just not great.

i Look forward to a complete review of the Smallrig device anyone’s feedback after purchasing and using it.
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Aug 16, 2012
Hope they make one for the R7! I would love to be able to use a shoulder strap for the 100-400 to this instead of the camera tripod socket.
I carry the R5/R7 + RF 100-500 on a BlackRapid strap hooked to both the tripod and and camera sockets to spread the weight but the R7 and RF 100-400 are so light I find it fine to carry them with just the camera socket.
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I carry the R5/R7 + RF 100-500 on a BlackRapid strap hooked to both the tripod and and camera sockets to spread the weight but the R7 and RF 100-400 are so light I find it fine to carry them with just the camera socket.
I also do this by find it more comfortable to hang upside down by a tripod socket on the lens by my side.
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