Some first thoughts and examples from the 5D4

Apr 9, 2014
So after years of 5D , 5D2 and 5D3 useage finally pulled the trigger on the 5D4 and have been out and about testing it before the next wedding where it will get a proper workout !

First thoughts , definitely seems to be a better performer in terms of image quality and plenty more detail hiding in the raw files to be messed around with. Silent shutter is not so silent and maybe even slightly louder than the 5D3 but still not bad. Ergonomically feels no different and the layout is almost identical to the 5d3 apart from another couple of programmable buttons to use which is good. Touch screen hasn't come in to its own yet but is much easier for fast zooming during playback. Wireless control via the Canon connect app is good and have a few dark weddings coming up where that will be most useful.

Word of caution - the first 5Dmk4 i was delivered was faulty and was corrupting files , no such issues with this one so far but this is the first time any of my many 5D cameras have had a problem in over a decade.

Anyhow a couple of images to be going on with

Canon 5Dmk4 ISO100 , F4, 1/400sec , 16-35 F4IS @ 16mm

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