Steadycam on kickstarter


Dec 27, 2011
it's incredible how many people copy the design of Steadicam Merlin..
If you're going to use steadicam alot your work. I strongly suggest to get the real thing: Steadicam.
Yes, you'll be paying couple hundreds $ more, but it's well worth it in long term.


the one in the original post doesnt have anything in common with a steadicam merlin. its based around a 3 axis gimbal, the same as a high end steadicam.

the second one is a merlin clone, but im not sure where the "incredibly expensive" comment comes in. its only a few dollars more than the ez steady was, and less than half the price of the merlin, neither of which come close in performance to a traditional properly balanced gimbal setup.

the modular beam doesnt make it complicates. when you buy a system, generally youll just have the one. the extra beam is only to make it easy to change from a very light camera - like a goPro - to a very heavy one, such as a 5D. its not something youd be changing out often (though you could if you felt the need).

for reference, i designed the microsteady, so if you have any questions or critiques, feel free to ask. :)


oh, heres a teaser of the early prototype, which hasnt been posted yet on kickstarter:

this little guy (with a canon 5d moutned) had the DP of "House" drooling.
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