Stock Notice: Canon EOS R7 at the Canon USA Store


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May 22, 2016
Can't help you except to say that I'm in the same position. I emailed B&H and the CS reply was that they didn't know when they were getting "more". I ordered at 7:30AM EDST on introduction day.
Ordered mine around 10am EDT from the Canon Store (after placing orders with B&H and Adorama around 8:15). The order came in Wed or Thurs. I'm not sure because my daughter's family is visiting and accepted delivery. No one bothered to tell me!

I was anticipating the R3 released but passed on it due to the limited resolution. The R7 is less than what I wanted. I would have preferred either a stacked sensor or much faster read-out to control Rolling Shutter. Also, CFexpress support would be nice. I don't care about a BG. If it doesn't increase performance (speed, AF accuracy), then I don't need it. I've loved shooting with the R5 and don't requires the additional bulk.

Thus, between two cameras that left me wanting more, the R7 was the one that came close enough to bite on.
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