Tamron SP 35mm F1.4 review


EOS RP + 5D Classic
Aug 31, 2018
It's truly an amazingly crowded field, though IMO, because all of the modern 35 1.4 lenses perform well enough for most photographers, I chose my Sigma 35/1.4 because it was inexpensive compared to Canon's (and now Tamron's) offerings.


Aug 26, 2015
The grey market price is not much more than the Sigma, looks like an easy choice if one is buying it new:

If they can make a lens this good already for SLRs, how much better it could be without the restrictions of the longer flange distance.

As far as where Canon and Sigma is heading, it seems though that for a mirrorless mount, they would rather just make it even faster.
Which means doing a 35mm f/1.2 and raising the price further, rather than reducing the size and weight (making it more proportional to the camera bodies) and keeping it at f/1.4.