The Arizona Shootout


Celebrating 20 years of model photography!
Those of you who do glamour and nude photography may have heard of the Arizona Shootout: I had a chance to attend one this last weekend near Wickenburg, Arizona. It was a lot of fun and I came home with around 2,900 images that will keep me busy editing during the long rainy winter in Portland.

I posted some shots on my blog if you want to see more. Be advised that they are mostly NSFW, although reasonably tasteful in my opinion. YMMV!



I'm New Here
Apr 11, 2017
No doubt that was a lot of fun.

There was this photo with a girl on a machine.. I like that one the most :)


Celebrating 20 years of model photography!
Thanks Hastings! I think the photo you refer to was taken inside a building that had one side completely open to the desert light. I found that to be an extremely flattering light. Apart from the experience of photographing lovely models, getting a chance to use that particular kind of light was a real treat and a great learning experience.
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