The Canon Cinema EOS C200 Mark II will arrive in April [CR3]

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    Canon will be updating the Canon Cinema EOS C200 in or around April ahead of NAB 2021. The new camera will share some things with the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III.
    Canon Cinema EOS C200 Mark II Specifications:

    Same sensor as the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III
    RAW Recording
    4:2:2 10-bit
    4K 60P
    2K 120P
    More a unibody design than the modular design of the C300 Mark III

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    Aug 15, 2014
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    The 3 digit Cinema bodies are likely staying EF. 2 digit bodies for RF. What's weird is that in theory, the C200 sits at about the same price as the C70. So you can get the DGISO crop sensor in either body with different native mounts. What's odd is what the other specs listed so far seem to differ from the C70. Like slower top end frame rates. Maybe the C200-2 is gonna get priced VERY aggressively? I can't enough of a market that would go for this over the C70 if they will both be in the $5 - 6k range... unless the C200 is going to have a lot more in other feature sets like maybe SDI out etc... Granted it's a nice upgrade if you have a C200 now and I would assume the touchscreen and other peripherals will be compatible..... but the rumor states it's gonna be LESS modular... Sooooo .... Weird. UNLESS... they drop this puppy at $3999 or something. Otherwise the C70 with the speed booster for a total of about $6000 seems like a much better way to go if the C200-2 is gonna stay in the $6k range.
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    This update doesn't make sense... Three cameras with the same sensor, almost same carabilities in 3 different prices between 5.5k and 10k. Its definately weird! If its an EF mount then it must have a ton more options than c70 to worth to upgrade. You can't beat C70 with 0.71x adapter by any means. I hope C200 to have some adavanced technologies and Rf mount to worth the upgrade!!
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    Sep 20, 2020
    "Same sensor as the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III" This is big, DGO in a kinda affordable camera
    C200B is $4K USD.
    The regular C200 costs exactly the same as C70 which has DGO.
    Canon said they were going to lower the price of C200 but my guess is that they mean Mark I.
    Canon needs something with RAW in this price range to fight the RED Komodo 6K.
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    This and a C90? It'll be wonderful if Canon fills out their cinema line with more options. As a current C200 owner, I've been tempted to sell it and pick up the C70, but the lack of a viewfinder, removable grip, and SDI held me off. I like that Canon is playing around with feature combinations to see what sticks. If the C200 II gets a more unified body, I hope it gets an integrated screen but retains that wonderful removable grip.
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    Oct 28, 2020
    I hope Canon still does swappable mounts but with more options like Z Cam does.
    EF, PL, RF, EF-M, and FD.

    I'd be curious to know why they wouldn't just do an RF mount and make official adaptors for PL and FD. "Swappable" seems a bit too fiddly for Canon and would overcomplicate things considering how tech heavy the new RF lenses are.

    Overall, a new EF-mount anything is a bit of a head scratcher considering the cross-compatability of EF and RF.

    What would be really cool, I think, is a an RF to RF Speedbooster. Although maybe they might be concerned with people forgoing the R5/R6 for the R/RP + speedbooster.
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