The specifications for the upcoming Nikon Z 9 leak out ahead of the official announcement


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Feb 12, 2014
Frankfurt, Germany
That's all fine, but you cannot use it in full sun or the fluorite will crack, or so Nikon implied. But then they went and put fluorite into their black-painted lenses. And tout it's benefits. Gotta love marketeers.
Well, Eduard Louis Bernays, the later pioneer of PR, worked in WW I as an expert of "psychological warfare", as he put it. Nikon marketing seems to have learned from him. I guess they had in the 90s a real problem because Canon was too innovative in lens design, their own original field when Canon made the Leica copies and Nikon the lenses. Today, Nikon still is behind, if one takes the DO tech as a measure. Canon has improved their EF 400mm f/4 DO II much, and Nikon came much later with their small 300mm f/4 - and they had trouble with decentered lenses: