This is Canon’s RF lens roadmap going forward


Dec 27, 2011
Based on the past 10 years product releases I expect 4-9 RF lenses to be announced annually.

Excluding the five tilt shift lenses, there are 25 L lenses that need a RF equivalent. It would take 3-7 years to finish the transition all 25.

I have doubts that all these EF L lenses will be transitioned to RF mount. This may be done to reduce SKUs and improve inventory of redundant focal lengths.

Tilt shifts will be the last optics to be transitioned to RF mounts. Timeline is probably after 2024. For context tilt shift macro lenses were announced in Nov 2017. All tilt shift lenses will be last as these lenses are manual focus and sells for very little volume relative to L zoom lenses or even L primes

Transition could be prioritize based on FIFO, top sellers or a combination of both

These are the EF L lenses that have yet to have an RF L lens equivalent

I'm neutral with the 1200mm f/8.0 lens rumor.

It would weigh around 3kg and a godsend for any photographer recording subjects as small as an inch even at f/8 but it would sell for north of $13,000. Like say between $16,300-25,000.

The list below is filtered from today's top 30 selling EF L lenses on BH that have not been updated to to RF mount. These would be my candidates for 2021 RF L lens release. Lens in LARGE FONT lines up with original poster's RF L lens list. :) These lenses were announced from 1996-2015.

Today's bottom 31-45 selling EF L lenses on BH are mostly macro, wide, super teles and tilt shifts. Super teles get updated before the Olympics or other major sporting event while tilt shift will be updated after 2024.
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EF 800L
May 29, 2019
In that long list of Big White's, a 300mm f/2.8 is surprisingly missing. Not that there is any thing wrong with my EF 328 Mk II :)
It is a rumor after all and it could be that at 45 MP and maybe soon 90 MP that 200 is the new 300 at least for a while so the lightweight zoom covers the base. By the same logic, the 100-500 is really a 100-1000+ (just not f/2.8). I do think the 1200 is interesting. At f/8, it will be the same diameter as as the 600 and if they toss in a DO element it might be about the same length.
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