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Jan 28, 2015
Irving, Texas
Guys, I'm sorry of this is the wrong part of the forum, but I don't know where it really belongs and you cinema guys probably have my answer. I'm a still photographer and am planning to initiate a concept of mine where the model will have to lean forward at possible extreme angles. So I am looking for an inconspicuous harness for the hips and/or abdomen (but no straps traveling down around the crotch. I need something (preferably white and very unobtrusive) that has at least two hook points in the back. I've looked online, but everything seems a little heavy duty to me and the models won't be suspended in air at all. They'll just be leaning forward at as much as a 45 degree angle with the cable tied off to something. You folks work in the cinema industry and I thought I would ask if you know a good place to look? Thank you very much for your help.


Jul 28, 2015
It seems you have looked at something like 'flying harnesses' and if so then I am not surprised they are a bit bulky for what you need because they will have all sorts of safety margins in their design to allow for dynamic forces (you may be amazed at what happens when a weight starts moving).
Maybe a company like this could a good place to call and start discussion? They usually love talking technical and problem solving.

You could rig something rather lighter and less obtrusive such as webbing sling (check the link from Don) - these slings have breaking strains in the 100s kg so one static model will be no problem for a relatively thin webbing. In my climbing days, we practised creating an emergency climbing harness out of two webbing slings


And you can connect them together at the front with another small loop if you wanted. You could fashion something like this and connect at the back.

You could do the same sort of thing with them clipped at the back instead of the front. If you want to avoid loops round the thigh/groin, then you could look for climbing belts - like the ones Don posted but without the leg loops and the belt often has stitched loop that you could attach a karabiner to. If you can't find a belt then (as above) a sling with two strategically placed knots and slip a Karabiner through each knot to give 2 anchor points.
If the model has good core strength ad grippy shoes , maybe just the waist belt/sling?

I hope this all makes sense.
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