Used 1DX III value (60,000 shots)?


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Sep 6, 2020
I have had my 1DX III since early March and have loved every minute with it. I had originally planned on it being a 4-5 year+ body but find I don't get out often enough to warrant it as just a hobbyist.

I have somewhere around 60,000 shots on it and it's somehow still in pristine physical condition.

Selling a used body this early and worth this much is not something I have any experience in and I have not found any other used sales for this camera to use as a baseline. I'd like to see what I can get for it and possibly move into an R6 until the rumored R1 is out.

Has anyone seen them for sale used or could ballpark it?



Sep 5, 2018
If you sold it for $5500 as the above poster suggests it is worth, what would you get in its place? Or it is just money in the bank? Like I would not see the value personally in selling it then buying another body even if that is a R5 as that 1DXiii is a solid body and in four years you could still sell it for a few thousand to fund the next body, but now with a generational difference in tech.


Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
B&H currently has a used Condition 8 one for $5,200 and there is one used on eBay for $5,500. So that's probably a reasonable price. Your choice, of course, but I'm with @Codebunny on this, especially if you are contemplating buying an R6 for temporary use. Why sell one 20mp camera and buy another 20mp camera and take a loss on both of them, instead of just keeping the 1DX III until something else comes out? Canon is apparently going to be releasing a lot of cameras over the next year or two. Sit tight and wait until the R1 is out and then decide what you want. You will lose a lot less money doing that than selling the 1Dx, buying a R6 and then selling that one.


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Sep 6, 2020
Plan wouldn't be to sell the R6 but to keep it as a second body when the R1 hits.

I am apprehensive to sell as well but want to avoid a serious value drop when the R1 does come out.

I have glass I'd sell now as well to start the transition into RF from EF (100-400 II condition 7 body 10 glass, 16-35 II condition 5/8, 70-200 2.8 III 10/10). Already sold my 2nd and third bodies (7D II and T5i + 50mm sigma, 18-135 kit, and gave the accessories to my brother).

I LOVE this camera but don't want to be left behind. Taking a $1000 hit now is fine. I've gotten that much and more value out of it. I just don't want to lose more later.

Thanks for the replies and links all!