Venus Optics announces the first two Cine lenses with 2x magnification for Super35 and Full-Frame

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Jul 20, 2010
Anhui China, 6 October, 2022 – Venus Optics, the camera lens manufacturer that has been endeavouring to invent unique lenses, is now releasing 2 new cine macro lenses:

Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine (Super 35) – Fujifilm X / Sony E/ / Nikon Z / Canon EF-M
Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Ultra Macro APO Cine (Full Frame) – PL / Sony E / Canon EF / Canon RF / L mount

The 2 lenses offer up to an exceptional 2X magnification which can barely be found on the market. Providing cinematographers with higher flexibility in shooting subjects of different sizes. With an APO design, the lenses render quality images without chromatic aberration. Greatly reduce the effort for post-editing, especially for macro shots. Both the 65mm and the 100mm have a T2.9 large aperture for not just creating a shallower depth of field, but also good for low light situations. Make ready for professional use, the focusing ring and the step-less aperture ring are all equipped with industrial standard...

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Maybe I don't understand...but T ratings are very close in the ballpark to the F stops in general..right?
If so, 2.9 doesn't sound all that fast to me....and the article was talking like these things were light monsters for macro....?
T2.9 is probably F2.8 (or a little faster.)
2x macro lenses that focus to infinity aren't that common.
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