What’s next for the Canon EOS R system and the rest of the lineup?


from EOS 1N to R
Dec 9, 2018
I will lose money switching over since used Nikon equipment seems to be priced higher as there’s less supply but I’m frustrated at this point.
If you lose $10,000 or whatever changing systems, because you don't have the patience to hold on a year or whatever, you deserve it.

Given the way brands play leapfrog, by the time you've aquired your last bit of Nikon kit you need, I imagine Canon will have the hot body you totally need.

I don't want to sound mean, sorry about that. But basically you don't buy an outfit from ABC because ABC has the hot thing of that minute, but because you think they'll have everything you need over the next couple decades. When I got into Canon EF in 1995, my choice was easy. Now it's not because there's so many vendors. But Canon's own market research says the market's going to cut in half over the next few years and a lot of vendors won't be in business. Canon's #1 in mirrorless sales, literally all the documentaries at the festival were shot on Canon, and while it's 4 years late, Canon's piling into RF like crazy now. Canon's going to have a better range of RF glass in 24 months than Sony+Zeiss have managed in five years. It just doesn't seem to be the moment to leave Canon if you ask me. If the 2020 Olympics comes and Canon still doesn't have what you want, that might be a better time to walk away. But I'm actually migrating from EF to RF myself though keeping all my 135mm+ EF glass.
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