What are the best photo technique, processing, and business classes online?


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Dec 20, 2012
I'm curious what classes other members enjoy and recommend. I'm partial to PixImperfect for Photoshop (the guy is top notch). I still get a lot out of hearing experienced photographers, sometimes ideas, sometimes inspiration, and sometimes technique.

One I am planning to avoid is creativelive, only because of the expense. Wow! The list of creativelive exclusions seems longer than the courses included with the annual subscription. I've been getting adds for it lately. Pretty much every class and instructor I'm interested in must be paid for in addition to the annual rate! See this link:

What is still great, for free and for pay, here at the end of 2019?


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Mar 28, 2012
I would posit to you that Creative live has LOTs of FREE content.....

They broad case reruns and live classes every day, 24/7.....and they will let you sign up for alerts for classes that interest you and will email you when they are coming up.

I actually learned a LOT from them, years back....when I was just starting into video and photo shooting and editing.

I actually bought a few classes from back in the day and still reference a few of them.

But I think largely they lost their mojo a bit, half the fun of live classes used to be the chat rooms, which back then were just basically IRC channels....more of a free for all...and I met a lot of online friends then. We'd chat and interact with the moderators in real time, etc.

But they've tamed it a lot and not nearly so fun....it really did add a lot to the class experience.

But anyway, do take a look they have FREE content streaming constantly....on every topic you were asking about.



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Mar 25, 2011
I sometimes purchase classes from Creative live. It was started by a world class photographer, and many expert photographers give classes. They are free if you view them live, but to own rights to viewing later will cost you a fee. They are always having sales, so its usually a very modest cost.

I think they have hundreds of classes covering every aspect. They occasionally offer fun classes like pumpkin carving for Halloween.
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