What does the AD-E1 actually do?


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Nov 6, 2015
I currently shoot with a 5D4 and a R5. Seeing the new release of the AD-E1, I'm a bit confused to what it actually does. Every link I click on has the same description. Can someone please dummy it down a bit and explain what this product actually does and why I would need it? TIA


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Jul 21, 2010
The R3 has a new hotshoe. The AD-E1 allows you to use current Speedlites (up to and including the EL-1, and all the older ones as well) with the R3. Without the adapter, you cannot use high-end old hotshoe attachments on the R3.

By high-end mean with weather sealing. So the low guide number, inexpensive flashes will work directly on the R3 More details in this post.

So far, the only native Canon product that works in the R3 hotshoe is the just-announced ST-E10. That’s a replacement for the ST-E3-RT, with the advantage that it doesn’t require any batteries (it can draw power from the cameras battery through the new hotshoe). Presumably there will be R3-native flashes coming out at some point, and this hotshoe will be used on R series cameras going forward.
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