What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2017 Infographic


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Feb 16, 2017
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neuroanatomist said:

Facts are malleable. You just have to live with people who are convinced that their facts are better. Like, all those photos that prove beyond any doubt that Donald Trump had the largest inauguration crowd ever in the history of the universe.


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Jul 21, 2010
Ahhhh, alternative facts. I do accept that some people treat the truth that way, like Rudeofus and those who believe the earth is flat. It's unfortunate, but that's life.


Jul 28, 2015
Rudeofus said:
neuroanatomist said:
In other words, you were talking out of your ass (I will be explicit, since apparently 'nether orifice' was too subtle a reference for you).

I was wrong about one thing, though...I didn't think my opinion of your ability to understand and interpret information could fall any lower. Pathetic is no longer adequate. Wretchedly abominable might come closer.
Uh boy, that really hit me hard, did it not? Apparently your big brother taught you some new bad words, sadly these new cuss words still do not make you appear any more mature. Neither does your risible camera gear, if you can't even control your temper.

Mikehit said:
you have no facts, merely a personal view on the limited data presented to you.
I have brought up my facts, and drew some conclusions from them. We both see the numbers from CIPA, we see stagnating dSLR and lens sales, we see that average lens price rose sharply several years ago (while the economy hit rock bottom world wide), then flattened out (while the economy slowly go going) and now have begun to shrink (while the economy hit record levels).
Mikehit said:
Surely as an engineer used to looking at data, do you not think you are pushing things too far?
You may find the facts I brought up too weak as a foundation for my conclusions, or you may find my conclusions outright wrong and present some different conclusions. I personally think that improvement/display of status (you may call it ego) is a big (and frequently underestimated) motivation for people to buy and/or do stuff. I see way too many Porsche Cayennes and similar SUVs in dense urban places to believe, that customers are rational actors. The trend from "things" to "experiences" may well indicate, that a shaky video from a safari to Botswana gains more facebook likes and wows than a selfie with a Rolex watch or big camera gear.

Well, at least thanks for keeping our discussion civilized ...

I note you have not responded to Neuro's analysis of the data you were looking at....