What laptop do you use for photo editing?


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I have a Lenovo y700 (4K, i7-6700HQ, 16GB Ram, 256 GB SSD and GTX 960 4GB Video Card) which I use for casual gaming, photo editing and minor video editing. Due to sub-par color accuracy I sometimes connect it to my external monitor (QHD) for editing. I am looking into getting a new laptop for editing. I was thinking of the XPS 15 - 4K (maybe), i7, 16GB, 512 SSD, 1050Ti.

Does anyone have any experience with using Dell XPS laptops for photo editing? Is the 4K worth it? If not, what do you use? Any recommendations?
When I´m looking for an new laptop, I look at https://www.notebookcheck.net . At their tests, you can see a lot of features, the display shows (brightness, -distribution, contrast, responese time,colour accuracy, PWM, colour space...).
At the moment, I´m using an Dell XPS15 from 2017. But thinking of switching to am Macbook pro, if the 2018 issues are fixed

What are the 2018 issues?
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laptops in general have weak displays. I haven't heard that Dell is any different. 4K does not equal good color.
Truth! Viewing my photos on my desktop display, and then viewing on my wife's laptop, is like night and day. Huge difference. A good display is worth the $$$ and really isn't that expensive. I just got lucky with mine (ASUS).
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laptops in general have weak displays. I haven't heard that Dell is any different. 4K does not equal good color.
The Microsoft Surface tablets are known for good displays.

Some Dell laptops do offer 4K displays that are rated covering the whole AdobeRGB color space. Other brands I guess will offer similar displays as well - usually on the more expensive models. Properly calibrated, they could offer a simpler alternative to specific external monitors - albeit the latter are designed from the ground app for this kind of use, and will offer more.
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I have a 2018 MBP, 6 core 2.9 GHz i9 processor, Vega 20 GPU, 32GB ram, 2TB HDD, I have zero issues running a 100,000 image Lightroom library with all images stored internally via Smart Preview and all full res files stored on a bus powered 2.5” drive for if i need them. I edit video (though not much) via a Sandisk 2TB Extreme Portable.

I have zero issues and the speed increase of all operations moving from a 2016 top of the line MBP is noticeable. I put it down to having a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 workflow, but I really dont know as I am not a computer expert.

I just finished my first 3 month ‘road trip’ with USB-C and I have to say I love it, my gimbal, headphones (noise cancelling B&W PX that I highly recommend) GoPro, drone, laptop, iPad, card reader, bus powered HDD’s etc all work with one cable! Absolutely the best travelers upgrade for years.
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I have G5 with dedicated graphics... its cheap but works fine with photoshop.. below are specs

i5-9300H {8mb cache to 4.1 GHz}
FHD IPS display
GTX 1650 4GB DDR5

Ram and Graphix are expandable so I can do that if required .. I didnt see need of 4k but I work on photos ...not videos
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I have a late model MacBook Pro 2011....it is maxed out at 16GB ram and I replaced the spinning drive with a SSD (this breathed years of new life into it).

It served me well for a long time, but when I worked with it, It really mostly was a workstation as that I rarely unplugged all the external drives, Wacom tablet, old IBM style loud buckling keyboard, and at the time decent Dell U2711 monitor.

This past year, I bought a Mac Pro and the MBP now has been relegated to my tether capture computer for the most part. I bring it into my "studio" (used to be a formal dining room)...and shoot in there. I"ll then usually bring it back to office and plug back into the ethernet cable and move the images to my MP.

I'm experimenting with Capture One since it tethers with different cameras (I'm now not just Canon)...but while it tethers well, and the color management seems to REALLY be great, I do miss a lot of the functionality I have/had in On1 RAW for my DAM. So, I"m still trying to reconfigure my workflow.

All that being said, I rarely if ever actually did much photo work ON the laptop as a laptop as in as a portable device. I prefer a real keyboard, ,mouse and Wacom tablet for my photo (and video) editing work.

That being said, I have done a few things, on my now older iPad Pro 10.5"....using Affinity Photo and while it was mostly stuff to just goof around and learn on while in airports and neighborhood pool (I miss that, damned virus)....I did find it to be VERY powerful.

I did like 20-21 RAW image focus stack from my 5D3....and it did an amazing job in a very decent time!!! I was shocked to tell the truth.

But so far, I've not really found myself as comfortable with a mobile photo editing solution, I prefer the large screen (especially with older eyes) and all that a full desktop set up offers....and with the newer, more powerful desktop computer I have now....I click a button and it is almost done before the button clicks back up again.

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