Where in Lake Tahoe is this photo taken


Aug 26, 2012

I did a quick google search on Lake Tahoe, and this one photo popped up in the result. I have been to Tahoe several times and every time there is something new one can discover. I do not recall ever visiting this location in Tahoe. This photo reminds me of Banff, Alberta, Canada. Can anybody tell me if this indeed a location in Tahoe and if this specific area has a name that I can use to search for more information about this place? I could not find out who the photographer of this particular shot is.

This was posted in this site too as Tahoe: http://worldoflakes.com/lake-tahoe-2/

I have not done a thorough side by side comparison, but just by looking at it, it looks like the location in Banff National Park. Correct me if I am wrong.


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Al Chemist

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Nov 23, 2014
It is Lake Moraine. It was taken from a small hill on the far side of the exit stream. My picture is from a lower angle to the right. The second picture is Lake Louise.


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