Which rechargeable AA batteries for Speedlights?


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Feb 16, 2017
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gjones5252 said:
I used to buy brand name ones. I have since switched to the amazon brand. They are around 2300-2500mAh.
I purchase about 30 and they are all still working great after approx 1 year.

I have switched from eneloops to amazon basics too. They are amazingly cheap, and seem to work great.

Velo Steve

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Mar 3, 2011
Just a late and minor addition concerning reliability. Some of my rechargeable AA batteries are pushing 10 years old now. I have learned this:

1) No Eneloop has ever failed for me, though some test with 10 or 20% less capacity than when new.
2) Another brand (Ray-O-Vac?) did have a few failures, but only after several years - probably 5 or more. This was out of about 24 bought to drive a home-made LED ring flash, and probably not treated very well.

My policy is:
  • Shooting underwater in a place I may never get back to: nothing but nearly-new Eneloop pros. One set in the flash, one safe and dry.
  • Fairly serious photo trips: 8 Eneloops, any model (I never need more than 4 at once).
  • Maybe I'll want the flash today: 4 Eneloops.
  • Around the house: whatever is handy. They all work.

Admittedly, I'm not a pro. If my income depended on batteries I'd have more backups.


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Jul 13, 2012
I use Powerex AA - newer batteries hold 80% of their charger for about a year and are rated 2600 mAmp


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Feb 16, 2017
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AmazonBasics - the 2400mah high capacity ones. You can get them on subscribe and save for 10% off (if you buy a total quantity of 5 items of anything for that month's subscription).

I have a stupid number of them, more than 100; they work just as well or better as Eneloops, my previous brand of battery. I tried the Amazon ones on Prime Day or some such, when they had a big sale on all AmazonBasics stuff, and found that the flashes with the Hi Capacity AmazonBasics lasted about the same number of flash cycles as Eneloop Pros at 2550 mah. But, they cost less than half the price.

The power retention on them (when you just have them sit on a shelf) is good too.

I use them with 600EX-RT's, both Canon and Yongnuo, and with E3-RT's (where they last a very long time).


Dec 4, 2012
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I switched from Hahnels to Eneloops and can say that the Eneloops are excellent

No "memory" means not having to ensure all 4 batteries are equally charged when used in my speedlites

dick ranez

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Apr 26, 2013
try the "ladda" batteries from IKEA. they're made in the same japanese factory as the panasonic enneloop, are inexpensive and work great. (come in three strengths - 500-1000-2500 and a 4 for $7.00)
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Mar 25, 2011
Fujitsu makes eneloops in their FDK plant and rebrands them for Panasonic If you buy Fujitsu branded batteries, you will get made in Japan ones. They usually sell for a higher price. As long as they are made in Japan, they probably come from the FDK plant. it is believed to be the only plant in Japan making them.
I use several dozen Eneloops and have done so for years. They are so reliable and long life that I can't see the point of buying cheaper "me-too" cells.,

They do not last forever though and you won't necessarily know of a cell failure until its too late.

For that reason I have four of the Maha 9000 chargers / testers. Just the normal charging process will highlight a faulty cell and show that screen as "High". Just chuck it away.

I also do a thorough refresh on every cell every few months using the Maha units special features. Each cell takes about 2 days so thats why I have 4 of the chargers :- )