Will Canon come out with a 4K ONLY camera?


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Jun 24, 2021
Hey All,

I was anticipating the R5 to be my next camera, only shooting up to 4KHQ 24P and sometimes using 120p. However, as we know the R5 overheats even in 4K HQ 24P.

Even if it doesn’t overheat, the HEVC file format does not work with most up-to-date PCs. Now that the R5c is out things seem to be better however there are still downsides like bad battery life. Hopefully it’s not as bad with just 4K. It’s also a shame the body is bigger, I was hoping for the same body size.

Does anyone know if Cannon has plans to just make a solid 4K HQ type of camera?

I am leaning to buy the R5C as this is the only option but again if there was just a solid focused 4K type camera there wouldn’t be such an overheating problem and the battery life would be fine too and the camera would probably be smaller.

On the other hand if the R5 had a firmware update to allow XF-AVC I would definitely buy that.

Does anyone know if there will be a future firmware update for the R5 to allow XF-AVC or if a 4K focused camera will come out?
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Jun 24, 2021
C70 is too chunky and isn’t full frame.

The R’s 4K is not good compared to what’s coming out now with over sampling. Also it has a crop.

If Canon made a 6k sensor it could downsample to 4k and get that 4K HQ sharpness the r5 and R5C has. But I don’t know if they’ll do that. They are forcing all NEW 4K users into the R5C.

There could be more features and better cooling if 8k wasn’t a focus..

Perhaps they wanted to round up everyone into the R5 and then R5C to then break out into niche categories like the R7.


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Jul 21, 2010
Perhaps you should be more specific about your needs. Multiple cameras have been suggested that fit your request, and none of them seem to work for you.

Obviously no one here knows what Canon will or will not release in terms of hardware or firmware. If nothing they offer today meets your needs, look elsewhere or wait and hope.

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Mar 23, 2016
The C70, or the R5c, are the answers.

I have a C70. It's not chunky to me. It's fine. I wouldn't want the camera body any thinner. I come from C100 Mark II so yeah there's a chunky body for ya.

Also, I use Canon's Speed booster with EF lens to get full frame look. It's not true full frame, but it's dang close.

No other brand, not even Canon themselves, will have the perfect camera.