Will there be any announcements from Canon ahead of CP+ this month?

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Jul 20, 2010
The CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show in Yokohama, Japan is normally a time that the Japanese camera companies make major announcements or show off major products that haven’t begun shipping. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III and the Canon EOS RP are a couple of the big announcements in the last couple of years.
Obviously, this is not a normal year.
So is Canon going to be announcing anything ahead of the CP+ 2021 virtual trade show that begins on February 25, 2021?
Judging by the lack of leaks, patents and other signs pointing at a major product announcement, for the moment it looks like Canon is going to be pretty quiet for the show.
I was thinking about what Canon could do for the show to build a little buzz if they aren’t going to make a camera announcement.

A new feature firmware update for cameras like the EOS R5...

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1. Animal eye detection for the 1DX Mark III, even if it's just for live view(i feel left out not having that feature on mine, after the R5 came out with it)
2. R1
3. RF Prime lenses
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I'd go for animal eye detection as well for the 1DXIII preferable through the viewfinder but I'd expect only live view - not a camera thats the best suited to using live view.
I'd also go for a high MP R5 style camera. That would probably be my next purchase and entry into the Canon Mirrorless Universe.

Not much other than that. I think I coming to the end of GAS.
Its getting hard to see how they can improve on what I have.
I'm good with the image quality of the 5D mark IV. So even though they've probably surpassed it already that is not limiting me.
The last great improvement for me would be intelligent tracking of moving objects against a background like birds in flight.
The IDX III is better than all my other cameras but still has room for alot of improvement.
It's very good with big objects but still limited on smaller objects like birds (the user probably could do with a skills upgrade too - I'm no AlanF)
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Please CANON !!

We Need an Announcement at CP+ Show
About the High Megapixel (90 MP ? )

R5S or RS

Camera with 300 Megapixel Pixel Shift

We've been waiting for 6 Years
Since the 5Ds/5DSr in 2015 !!


If there is no Announcement at the CP+ Show,
I will be Reluctantly be Moving over to the
FUJI GFX 100s System or SONY A7X Models

After 45 years with CANON
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If there is no Announcement at the CP+ Show,
I will be Reluctantly be Moving over to the
FUJI GFX 100s System or SONY A7X Models

After 45 years with CANON
If you've been with Canon for 45 years, and the R5 isn't good enough for you now, and you can't wait any longer than 4 weeks from now or else you "jump ship" to GFX or A7X, then I guess you're not as into Canon as the rest of us. Hope you enjoy whatever you jump to, if that happens.
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Most importantly (for me), I hope we get more info on future RF lenses to come and possible rough time frames.
Secondly, it'd be nice to hear more about the next R1 or whatever bodies that will come out.
Otherwise, at least give us more tidbits on technology like quad pixels, possible sensor resolutions, EVFs etc.
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