You Said You Loved Me (Short Film)


Aug 24, 2012
Hey guys,
Been a while since my last video, but this time I'm back with a proper short film and it's my best work yet.

This short film won Best Cinematography, Script, Performance, and Editing in my University's annual film competition - was hoping to win one or two awards, but to win all four? Man, practice makes perfect - by no means am I saying this is a perfect short film, it's not, but it's been quite a journey before I got here and I'm proud of what my cast and crew have produced in my latest piece.

The short film questions the fact that.. In a relationship, shouldn't we keep the sweet and unforgettable memories to ourselves.. Rather than sharing it with others? It explores how social media is affecting our relationship with people, especially with our loved ones.

Enjoy and let me know what you all think!!

Attached are some behind the scenes :)