Your best Architectural & City B&W shots?

In contrast to the very colorful pictures we see here most of the time, I would like you to show your best B&W city and architectural shots. (true B&W which means made in the cam, monochromes and reworked B&Ws all welcome)

I think this is a quite nice way for people to see an entirely different style of photography which emphasis more the pure form and shows a very different capability of the cameras and lens used when compared to color photos.

Please keep size and number of your postings reasonable and I hope everyone will enjoy this.

Here are my first entries and I hope to see many more spectacular pictures of you soon :)

The Way into the Light von 1982Chris911 auf Flickr

One Canada Square von 1982Chris911 auf Flickr

Radical Geometry at Goldman Sachs New Jersey von 1982Chris911 auf Flickr

Big Apple on 5th Avenue von 1982Chris911 auf Flickr

World Financial Center - Merrill Lynch World HQ reflections von 1982Chris911 auf Flickr

The Great Court von 1982Chris911 auf Flickr


Sep 27, 2010


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