Zoo Pics 4

Thread 3 is now eleven pages long, so I am starting a new thread 4. This is for photos taken in any captive facility. It could be a traditional zoo or a wildlife park or an aquarium or a living museum or similar. Animals are the obvious subjects, but if you get a nice shot of a zoo building or garden feel free to post it.

I will start off with a very recent shot from Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott, USA. It is a six or seven month old Canada lynx.

Canon 5D4 and 70-200 f2.8L (original non-IS), handheld. Since my version of PS Elements does not recognize RAW files from my new 5D4, I converted to a DNG first and then edited with Elements.



Nov 15, 2017
MrFotoFool said:
Animals at the zoo are not always captive. Here are two wild native birds I photographed today on the grounds of Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (a zoo dedicated to the Sonoran Desert). Both images were cropped, since 70-200 is currently my longest telephoto lens. Taken with 5D4.
Very nice set!