Zoom for Canon RP?


Jul 19, 2012
I am looking for suggestions on a zoom lens for my Canon RP. I have the 35mm IS, but would like to get a zoom for general use, travel (post COVID), etc.

My initial thought is the 24-105 RF, but I was never all that impressed with the old EF version I've also thought about getting the EF>R mount adapter and going with either an older Canon zoom, a third party, etc.

Curious to hear what others are using as their general purpose/walk around zoom on the R mount. Thanks in advance for any advice and insight!


Aug 26, 2015
The RF 24-105 f/4L IS is perfectly fine on the RP and it is the one I would choose, good sharpness, good size and handling (the f/2.8 zooms are getting front-heavy), very good IS for video as well.
The other option would be the EF 24-70 f/4L IS, but with the adapter it is not really smaller or lighter than the RF.
Jan 31, 2016
Sorry for coming a bit late with an answer to your question, but still, here it is.

Two years ago, I bought the RP with its kit lens, the 24-105 f/4 IS USM. At first, I expected to be limited by its relatively small aperture, but the RP is good enough to manage this lens, even inside.

I noticed that I never leave without taking this lens in my bag, and I even end up, sometimes, not using other lenses I brought, specially in hostile environments (windy, very crowdy, rainy, blizzards, etc…) where the risks are greater than the benefits of using a better lens. The 24-105 is very versatile, good enough even fully open or at its extremes and it feels like a strong and sturdy enough lens for what I do.

If you're lucky, you might even find it refurbished or used, if you're looking for a bargain.