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Far Fetched Stuff?
I received many rumors that never appear on this site, I try to filter them a bit. However, times are slow right now. So here are a few I’ve received over the last month or so.

This post really is for entertainment value…….. for now. :)

EF f/2 Zoom
Canon is working on f/2 zoom to add to the lineup. Focal range of 24-60.

We’ll see a 3D in the spring of 2010. It’ll basically be a 7D with a full frame sensor.

Full Line of EF-S Primes
Canon will release a full line of EF-S prime lenses on 2010.

Mirrorless Rebel
A mirrorless Rebel is closer than anyone thinks. We could see them for Christmas of 2010. The camera will be smaller and have an OLED viewfinder.

I’ll repeat it. I dub these CR0 rumors for the time being. I get a lot of wishlists. That being said, I felt the same way about my first 7D information back in January.



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  1. Correction: Non-L primes at < OR = to 50mm are in serious need of a refresh…the 50/1.4 and 50/1.8 are quite old.

  2. Yeah, thanks for the snark in your comment, but 50mm on a 1.6-crop body is worthless for me. With companies touting the whole point of moving to lenses built for smaller-frame cameras being smaller and lighter glass, I’d like to see that happen in an EF-S prime lineup.

    I think Nikon’s DX prime is proof enough that there’s a market out there.

  3. Canon can capitalize the smaller sensor and design a smaller and better EF-S prime than the existing prime. As for price, it is debatable. The price is based largely on the inverse of volume and cost. that is why the 50mm f1.8 is so cheap.

  4. My guess (my wish!) is:

    EOS 3D: The next 3D will be APS-H. It should replace the 1D Mark3. I think there will not be a 1D Mark4 since too many Japanese are superstitious and believe the number 4 brings bad luck. Canon will simply rename it. I think also the 1Ds Mark4 will never be announced for the same reason, Canon will probably call il 1Dx or something similar (why not EOS 1D-f for “full frame”?). A third FF body in the xD series is simply unrealistic.
    So we could have:
    xD series: professional DSLR. 1Dx = FF; 3D = APS-H; 5D = cheap FF; 7D = APS-C. (There’s room for an eventual 9D… cheaper APS-H?)
    xxD series: semi-professional (prosumer) DSLR.
    xxxD series: consumer DSLR.
    xxxxD series: entry level DSLR.

    EF f/2 zoom: I hope this one will finally be what I am looking for, a 35-70 f/2 L IS USM. Such a lens, although only a 2x zoom, would be fantastic, perfectly filling the gap between the EF 16-35 f/2.8 L II USM and the EF 70-200 f/2.8 L (II) IS USM. And it could be f/2 and yet weigh as much as the 24-70 f/2.8 L USM, or even a bit less. Moreover, it would be the fastest zoom lens ever, and we all know how much Canon enjoys being the first in doing something amazingly new… What a prodigious walkaround lens this would be, though only 2x! And wedding and indoor sport photographers would love it!
    I don’t believe a 24-60 f/2 is realistic or practical because it simply would weigh too much.

    Full Line of EF-S Primes: It depends on how many lenses we expect a “full line of primes” should be composed of. I believe a FULL LINE of primes should include no less than 7-8 lenses. I don’t think Canon will announce more than 3 EF-S primes simultaneously. But a 21mm, a 35mm and a 70mm would be fine to start with.

    Mirrorless Rebel: I hope this will soon come true. I had planned to buy the olympus EP-1 next year to be used with my many beloved old manual focus Zuiko OM lenses, but a Canon would be too cool!

  5. I hope it’s true – all I want is:

    – Full frame
    – Small body
    – Pop-up flash

    Anything else is gravy.

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