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Far Fetched Stuff?
I received many rumors that never appear on this site, I try to filter them a bit. However, times are slow right now. So here are a few I’ve received over the last month or so.

This post really is for entertainment value…….. for now. :)

EF f/2 Zoom
Canon is working on f/2 zoom to add to the lineup. Focal range of 24-60.

We’ll see a 3D in the spring of 2010. It’ll basically be a 7D with a full frame sensor.

Full Line of EF-S Primes
Canon will release a full line of EF-S prime lenses on 2010.

Mirrorless Rebel
A mirrorless Rebel is closer than anyone thinks. We could see them for Christmas of 2010. The camera will be smaller and have an OLED viewfinder.

I’ll repeat it. I dub these CR0 rumors for the time being. I get a lot of wishlists. That being said, I felt the same way about my first 7D information back in January.



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