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Far Fetched Stuff?
I received many rumors that never appear on this site, I try to filter them a bit. However, times are slow right now. So here are a few I’ve received over the last month or so.

This post really is for entertainment value…….. for now. :)

EF f/2 Zoom
Canon is working on f/2 zoom to add to the lineup. Focal range of 24-60.

We’ll see a 3D in the spring of 2010. It’ll basically be a 7D with a full frame sensor.

Full Line of EF-S Primes
Canon will release a full line of EF-S prime lenses on 2010.

Mirrorless Rebel
A mirrorless Rebel is closer than anyone thinks. We could see them for Christmas of 2010. The camera will be smaller and have an OLED viewfinder.

I’ll repeat it. I dub these CR0 rumors for the time being. I get a lot of wishlists. That being said, I felt the same way about my first 7D information back in January.



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  1. Disagree. I’m not that familiar with what’s already in the 1Ds, but the 1D could have lots of features not in the 3D such as built-in wifi, gps, better weather sealing, dual CF cards for redundant use, be the only full-sized (square) camera, etc. There’s lots of things they can keep in their top body.

  2. The existing EF70-200 lenses are too big to carry around for a crop body.

    Canon needs an EFS 50-150 2.8 IS similar in build quality to the 17-55. This is the biggest hole in the EFS line up.

  3. ” If you put a FF sensor in a 7D, there isn’t much (features) left for the 1D’s to differentiate themselves.”

    for photography:
    A clearly supior AF system
    higher fps
    bigger buffer
    rugged & water proof
    larger lcd/oled 4″?
    customization up the wazoo

    for video:
    1080p 24/25/30/60
    720p 24/25/30/60/120
    480p 24/25/30/60/120/240
    (I know I’m dreaming)
    time code syncronization
    xlr audio inputs
    power zoom?
    HDMI pass through of raw data
    better AF
    output for monitor

    in other words
    anything that improves work flow or quality
    that is exclusive will make it sell.
    just look at 1D series history as proof

  4. Not many people would be willing to pay the extra cost of the 1D (thousand(s) of $$$) just for these features. they are all minor features, with the exception of weather-sealing which based on the info on 7D, the hypothetical 3D will have at least some kind of (still not clear to what extent the 7D is protected). if it turned out that 7D’s sealing is insufficient for pro demands, then that could alleviate the canibalism (of 3D on 1D). But even the very humbledly featured 5DI & II had a felt effect on the 1D sales.

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