Is Canon developing a full frame mirrorless camera? That's what the latest rumor floating around out there is saying. I don't buy it and don't think Canon is going to develop a new line of lenses for a full frame mirrorless camera. If you've ever used the Sony A7 series cameras with DSLR lenses, you know in most cases it isn't an ideal setup. With the FE lenses, it's a different story in most cases (70-200 f/4 aside in my opinion). Not to mention, Fuji is proving you don't need a full frame camera to be serious about mirrorless, even if they do make one eventually. All you need to do is make a good camera and good lenses.

A rangefinder EOS M? I don't even know what that means. Maybe just the look and style? Likely not, as Canon has stated publicly they aren't into the “retro” thing.

It's pretty obvious a new EOS M camera is coming, but I suspect it's going to be the 70D sensor in a camera that will have a new design philosophy.

Source: [CW] via [PP]

Photo: / Are Thunes Samsonsen. Used with permission


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