Canon EOS R

Functionality being added to the Canon EOS R soon after release with firmware update

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It may have been lost during the announcement excitement, but Canon will be adding some functionality to the Canon EOS R camera with a firmware update. Expect to see the firmware update released within a couple of months after shipping begins in October.

What’s coming in the firmware?

  • Eye detect AF in continuous shooting. The EOS R launches with the ability to do this in one shot.
  • Additional touch bar functionality added.
  • Continuous shooting in silent shutter mode. The EOS R only allows this feature in single shot at launch.
  • A “few tweaks” to video functionality. The 4K crop will not be changed, nor will the maximum frame rate in 4K.
  • Bug fixes

As we learn more about the coming firmware update(s), we’ll let you know. We expect to see a lot of functionality added to the camera over the next year as we have new ergonomics at play with the control ring and the touch bar.