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GPS Grips [CR1]

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Making the rounds
With sales figures of the grossly overpriced WiFi grips not going so well, it’s been suggested new grips will be coming for a few cameras. The grips will be GPS capable.

If it were true, I’d expect to see them for the xxD and 7D initially

The source claims the GPS grips will not have WiFi as well.


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  1. See how the very first item on that spec. list for “other cameras” is the number of megapixels? This is why manufacturers keep increasing them. It’s the number one item used in comparisons and bigger is considered better.

    My new phone has a camera (wow!) and a colleague asked me, “What kind of camera is it?” I said, “You know, one of those crappy phone ones that I’ll probably never use.” “No,” he said, “How many *megapixels* has it got?” That was all he wanted to know to judge whether it was good or bad.

    Anyway, the phone has GPS and cell triangulation. I installed a little logger app and suddenly I don’t feel the need for GPS on my *real* camera any more. I turn on the logger, leave the phone in my pocket and just shoot away. Matching the data up is just a button push in PP.

    Because the cell triangulation works reasonably well indoors (at times), the set-up is probably more useful than vanilla GPS in a camera. I also have nice little apps for DOF calculations, etc.

    So, just buy a smart phone and use it with your dumb camera, at least until they stop making dumb cameras or charging extra for the smarts.

  2. Nice try. :-)
    A stand-alone GPS device for in-car use usually only has to cope with *one* thin layer of glas, i.e. the windshield. Furthermore, it is usally mounted in a way that gives a f.o.v. of about 180°, including straight up.
    A fixed car GPS might even have its own antenna mounted on the outsight of the car – e.g. the tiny “shark fin” antenna on current BMWs.

  3. iSuppli estimate that the iPad GPS unit costs $2.60. That’s about 1% of the materials cost of the system. A camera already has most of the other parts in place, so you’d be willing to pay nearly 20,000% mark-up? That’s the problem right there. People are willing to pay stupid amounts of money for this stuff.

    Canon could probably integrate GPS into a camera for under $10 and, using more realistic mark-up of 200%, it would add under $30 to the retail price of the camera. Now, with people willing to pay “$400-500 at MOST”, what do you think Canon will do? They’ll sell us another obscenely expensive accessory.

    For comparison, Samsung’s HZ35W compact zoom is almost the same as the HZ30W, but the former has GPS (and a better screen) and costs $70 more (MSRP). Both cameras cost less than you are willing to pay just for a GPS module. In fact, over at B&H, you can have the two of them for $580.

  4. A built-in GPS could have its antenna in a reasonable place on top of the camera. A grip…

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