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“A Great New DSLR”

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What’s around the corner?
If you check the latest Popular Photography Magazine, they make a reference to next months magazine showcasing a “great new dSLR”.

Canon? Sony? Nikon?


“If you found this magazine on the newsstand, you may have noticed a big change in our look. For the first time in many years, our newsstand cover is a portrait of a person, not a camera. Well, it was hard to resist a photo of Halle Berry to introduce this month’s special lighting features. The portrait cover is just an experiment. Next month, you’ll find a camera on the newsstand, because it’s also hard to resist a great new DSLR”

We’re getting close to some announcements in the photography world.

A lot of folks are waiting for a Canon EVIL camera, we’re going to be waiting into 2011 at least.

Sony is preparing their own EVIL camera to be announced on May 11, 2010.

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  1. because I’m curious, what makes you think the 5dmk2 is so superior to a D700?
    If you sy Video, then maybe you should just consider a camcorder.
    I guess you don’t need good low light focusing what-so-ever too…

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