From Larry Chen

GuraGear 125x125 - Gura Gear Kiboko
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Larry won the Canon Rumors contest for the Gura Gear Kiboko bag. He's ended up showing it of a little.

*note: If you won a t-shirt, I should have the redone shirts soon. Sorry for the delay

Check Larry's Kiboko here:

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Thanks again to Gura Gear for their support.


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  1. It depends on what you are looking for. The Gura bag is almost the same size but since its not a semi hard case it does not fit the 600mm. But also since its not a semi hard case I would not check the Gura bag in when flying.

    The Gura bag is perfect for bringing on as a carry on because its lighter. The think tank has a base made out of wood and hard plastic.

    However I do not own a think tank backpack. I am just comparing between the airport express and the Gura gear bag.


  2. Its kind of a habit of mine. Instead of buying expensive covers for my lenses I just use paper tape so they don’t get all scratched up.


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