Don't drink and drive
Thanks to everyone that made 2008 a great first year for Canon Rumors.

I know it's not Thanksgiving, but here goes anyway.

– Thanks to everyone that visits the site (all 3+ million of you!).
– Thanks to everyone that leaves comments.
– Thanks to everyone that has emailed me.
– Thanks to the other web sites that give CR link love, I try to always return the favor.
– Thanks to everyone that has flamed me, I'd be doing something wrong if I pleased everyone.
– Thanks to everyone that has bought something through an Amazon link.
– Thanks to all my sources.

Corporate Thanks
– Thanks to Carl Zeiss
– Thanks to Singh-Ray, Gitzo, Markins & Really Right Stuff

2009 will be a bigger and better year for Canon Rumors. I have stuff in store I think regular visitors will appreciate.

As always, the rumors are the main things you folks care about, I'll keep them coming.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve.


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