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Henry’s Policy – 5D Mark II Price Increase

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What will Henry’s do?
It appears Henry’s will NOT be honoring the previous price of the 5D Mark II, this is completey understandable. What Henry’s will be doing is giving out a free 8gb Ultra II CF card to people with preorders. Henry’s is contacting their customers at the moment with the news.

Thanks for the heads up.


34 responses to “Henry’s Policy – 5D Mark II Price Increase”

  1. Sorry all, but I am not paying the price increase, and I have found that I have enough legal ground to stand on.

    Charles: I made an agement to purchase with a promise to deliver based on a payment already made to secure delivery at that price.

    Hex: With a belief system like that it is no wonder that in your world the corporation people like you enable get away with this stuff,
    As for me, Bell, Yellowpages, Futureshop….and a whole number of other large companies have caved when I stood my ground.

  2. the first version of the 5d will work wit all your old batteries too, really, who has lost work in the past because they did not have a 5d mk ii? whose clients have complained? We have amazing photos shot with cameras prior to the second 5d…how is that even possible you ask? The marketing hadn’t hit us yet? Now for some reason yo uso cannot live wihtout the second gen 5d that you are willing to accept being screwed out of a contract for anextra $300….

    oh yeah and CHARLES – class action on a mega scale, nope small claims court, with two pieces of proof, an agreement to purchase and deliver and a debited Credit, oh yeah and for the third clincher, the advertising that had went on for months selling the camera at the lesser price.

    All other arguments are just smoke and mirrors…Economy schmemonenmee….it was an arbitrary price increase that was profiteering driven….why did the same economy not even effect the price of the 24-105 lens included in the kit?

    STEPHEN:Pre-order? reservation, I was sold a promise to deliver a camera for that price and in order to secure that I do not miss the shipment of cameras already destined (already made prior to the market increase) i need to pay a substantial deposit to seal the deal….what was sold and common understanding to gether with the fact hta there was no mention or disclaimer regarding price increases, (similar to like what canon has on large ticket item bill Sales orders (it is not like canon is unaware of this necessary legal step), Iwill get my camaera at the pre-sold price – I ALREADY BOUGHT IT PRIOR TO THE INCREASE

  3. Unfortunately JCSS is right. What happens with the Canadian customer that paid 100% his camera IN ADVANCE and when the exchange rate was 1:1? He basically paid the full value and now an unethical economic body is screwing him with another $300 extra. You know what, I will have paid $3100 for that camera without blinking an eye but what bothers me is the incapacity to hold a deal and the tendency of the corporation to throw the losses on the final consumer. I assure you my friends that, in the case the camera wasn’t demanded so fiercely, as it is at this moment, Canon Canada would not have increased the price. They just blatantly laugh at the customer because they actually can – the demand is that big. That’s a bit cynical and a chronic problem at Canon, BTW.

  4. If you’ve pre-ordered the Camera in alberta you can go to the following website to read more about Small Claims Court procedures

    google “small claims court” for your province to find out more information. Every distributor charging the additional $300 should be taken to court on this matter.

    Due to the lack of response to my open letter by Vistek or Canon I’m considering writing an open letter detailing the consequences of lack of action on their part (i.e. small claims courts, further publicizing their lack of response, getting in touch with Nikon to see if they’ll offer a mass discount for people willing to switch to a D3 or D700 because they were burned on the pre-order)

    If you have suggestions for this open-letter follow up please post them as comments at

    Again I really want this camera (high megapixel and video) but the way Canon and their distributors have handled this makes me think I can’t trust them as a camera producer or supplier. If they’re cutting corners and profiteering in a situation like this who knows what other garbage they’re up to, and after the way they handled the 1DIII focusing issues this new 5D situation makes me think that Canon just struck an iceberg….I’d like to get off the ship while it’s still above water….

  5. Rob – to further enlighten the readers on the state of affairs with Canon: follow this real life analogy:

    anyone else using the master slave functions of Canon 580 ex ii flashes?

    anyone else feel like they are missing real time photo opportunities while holding the zoom button to wait a few seconds to get to slave master mode and then finally program? (unlike the 580 ex with dedicated button – instant)

    anyone else ever wonder whether they are in slave master mode and not able to tell at a glance (unlike the 580 ex with dedicated button – again instant)

    anyone else ever wonder if, (regarding the 580 ex to the 580 ex ii updatee) the well advertised improved weather sealing at the expense of the nearly silent removal of dedicated buttons (for a highly self touted functionality) was just a cover up for cost savings the change created and a necessary excuse for the upgrade as a distraction to the real reason behind the reiteration of the 580 ex – the fact that they had to introduce a new circuitry to prevent the flash from overheating and slow cooking itself (bulb – whcih leads to gradually worsening exposure issues and zoom mechanism failure – all my 580ex’s were replaced with 580exII’s by Canon for this reason)

    You know I had to ask a canon rep if I needed a back up for my backup equipment due to the fact that it seemed that I always had something in repair that was manufacturing related, even brand new stuff, thus I would be left without a backup, and would have to rent or buy a backup 2 lenses and 2 cameras is not enough, if one of them is enroute or in repair (and on occasion despite sending in exhaustive evidence with files on CD, still receiving the equipment back un repaired but cleaned, only to be without it again for another iteration)

    Canon sought quality, and like most companies who do, got there, then resting on the laurels of ‘reputation’ began their gradual decline…like most companies…

    Canon not the only one:

    Anyone ever here of silent recalls in the auto industry?
    How about undisclosed software bugs?

    My Chev Malibu 2001 – braking hardware all replaced under silent recall – my mechanic clued me into this when i brought up the fact that i felt the braking wasn’t reliable – the manufacturer sourced substandard parts from a discount company for 1 quarter, caused a few ‘situations’ so if you were well informed enough and you brought it up to your dealer, they would have to give you all new braking hardware.

    My 2007 Quickbooks premiere (ironically the best – – most expensive) gave me a few months grief – after spending about $5000 on book-keeping and accounting to set up my company file in my office, and after some entry, took company file to accountants office. returned home. company file corrupted. Called tech support at Intuit (quickbooks in Canada) but got india – fruitless – “user error … pay us a lot of money and we will fix your company file”. On my own – Read hexidecimal in company file, the noted problem was identified – pointed again to time with accountant. Called repeatedly until escalated, (although I think the chat is what really got results as it goes to a canadian office) finally someone in canada called me back, I requested speaking with a programmer, cited evidence, they agreed to fix company file for free and extend my membership as my problem had resulted from an undisclosed software glitch -they didn’t disclose it because it required a specific set of actions to accomplish and figured it was unlikely anyone one would encounter it (meaning it is not worth bad press to be honest about a problen that will drastically effect on ly a few people)- I also asked for a receipt for the transaction and a letter of apology, which they gave me outlining the cause of the problem.

    I won’t even tell you about the western digital enterprise raid edition drives that have an undisclosed raid error that causes raid arrays to fallout and become corrupted – Actually I will tell you because it is so relevent and no one else will – FOLLOW ME – RAID drives of ENTERPRISE LEVEL that are PRONE to RAID FAILURE (Beware the WD5000YS – it is the YS model with the problem) would you believe three copies is no longer enough? – Western digital apologized and sent me three replacement drives AND an extras – I only found out about this because i asked for the exact same model replacement for my failed drives and the new (assume new) call centre client rep told me quite by accident that they cannot replace it with the same model because they no longer make the model I was looking for due to an on going raid failure problem, and it has been updated to the new model he was trying to tell me to take – I replied immediately – I am glad you are recording this call, so what you are saying is that you chose not to tell your customers that like myself may have mission critical data, that your RAID system was flawed – what of consumer confidence…the call centre agents coach took over the call, interjecting with a self introduction and asking me what can we do to solve this problem, “replace my three drives with the fixed model and give me an extra just for backup, ” The coach said he couldn’t do it, the system won’t let him, he cannot replace 3 drives with four.” I told him I understood his limitations of empowerment, restrictions with the data base he is working on, and that it was not personal, but he should find someone to take my call who has the empowerment to accomplish exactly what i asked immediately, or I will start asking for a lot more -” I continued, “seagate is looking really good right about now, and I am tired of being and R & D Guinea pig who is sold product with known failures that put me at incredible risk…my time and opprtunity lost playing with my children is becoming more priceless as my clock ticks”

    Next person on the phone agrees to send me the drives and puts the order through within 2 minutes.

    My wife said to me the other day, “Imagine if everyone was honest and fair? No one would ever get locked out of anywhere and we wouldn’t even have to shop for the best price”

    Sounds like there is a song in there somewhere.

    PS “Stay aware and informed and fight back and don’t let anyone rip you off” Name that tagline first in this forum and I will send you a free battery for your new 5D ->Rules that apply – it must be a pre-ordered 5D with a deposit, and you must get it at the pre-order price. You fax me the two papers that prove it and voila I will mail you a brand new Canon battery, unless you specify you want another brand and the difference in a credit at a big name camera store…. :)

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